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What's Included

Every signature logo includes the following elements.

Uniquely Tailored

Our professional designers are experienced calligraphers who put great detail into their work. Every signature logo is unique!

High Resolution

All signature logos are delivered in a high resolution, transparent format to ensure they will look crisp on any device or photo.

Unlimited Revisions

You'll get a chance to ask us to make as many modifications as necessary when your proof of concept is provided.

Multiple Styles

Choose not one, but two different styles which will be delivered in both white and black versions.

Fast Delivery

Your concept will be ready in 48 hours for you to review. When approved, your final package of files will be delivered within the day.

100% Satisfaction

We'll work with you to make sure you love your new signature logo. If you're still not 100% satisfied, we'll refund you in the full amount.


Find the answer to your question below.

How do I order a signature logo?

Fill out our order form to complete the step-by-step process. You'll be asked to provide a title, an optional tagline and to choose two of our predefined styles.

How long does it take to receive my signature logo?

A concept will be delivered to you within 48 hours for your review. After that, any revisions that you may request can typically take up to 24 hours.

Are Signature Logos individually made by hand or are they computer generated?

Every signature logo is drawn by hand, scanned, vectorized and detailed by one of our calligraphy artists.

What happens if I don’t like the Signature Logo I receive?

We'll make as many revisions as it takes to make you happy. If you're still not satisfied, we'll refund your entire purchase price!

What formats will my Signature Logo be delivered in?

All signature logos come in a high resolution format to ensure they look crisp across all devices. A black and white version is provided for each style, in PNG format.

What happens if I want something changed?

You can request revisions of a concept by contacting us at any time.

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